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About ADFL

The Antiques Dealers Fair Limited was set up in 2003 by Kent-based dealer Ingrid Nilson. The company has expanded from organising one single annual event to staging several exclusive 'boutique style' events across the country. The concept of  these luxury antiques and fine art fairs staged at prestigious venues and featuring BADA and LAPADA members from a wide range of disciplines has proven very popular with both dealers and visitors, and these events of distinction are now important fixtures on the quality fairs circuit.

The Antiques Dealers Fair Limited

P.O. Box 119, Cranbrook, Kent TN18 5WB
Telephone: +44 (0)1797 252030

Registered in England no. 04293279


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  Mobile: +44 (0)7721 030 825
Email: MGailMcG@aol.com  Email: iona@ionapr.com

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The Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair,

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